Online Blackjack Rewards

It is one of the world’s most popular casino games, and it can be enjoyed both for fun and hardcore of blackjack rewards. Of course, just about every gamer want to try and win as frequently as possible, for both fun, extended gaming and the chance to grind out some profits. The question is – how easy is it to win at blackjack, and can every gamer instantly start playing with a strategic edge?

The casinos’ built in blackjack edge?

Like most casino games, blackjack has a natural advantage to the house. In fact, the basic advantage is about 28%. The decisive factor in the dealer’s edge, is the fact that as the player, you have to play through first. Essentially, if you bust – the dealer wins! Of course, this instantly gives the casino the advantage, because they have less risk. The good news is that it’s an edge which can be reduced, and for some – totally reversed! So – keep scrolling down to learn how to fight back at blackjack!

Card counting for blackjack success

Everyone has heard of card counting – the awesome method of beating casinos by scoring the pack and knowing when the odds are firmly in your favour. In fact, Vegas casino bosses are so fearful of any pro gamer using the strategy, that they break out into a cold sweat the moment they hear the words! Most card counting professionals are estimated to get an edge of 0.5-1%, which may not sound like much, but can earn huge profits when you’re playing with a $10,000 bank and max stakes! However, does this all mean that casual gamers should avoid card counting, and does it work on the web? The answer is debatable, depending on who you ask – but with systems freely available and low staking options, you can easily experiment and monitor your success.

Basic Blackjack strategy

For the average gamer, there is a way to reduce the house edge, and that’s by applying the logical concept, called ‘Basic Blackjack Strategy’. Although it won’t make you a pro, it’s proven to make your gaming more profitable. Basic blackjack rules can be found in books and on web – with both free and paid information available. One example of a basic blackjack rule is the double-down strategy, which can guide you towards making sensible wagers with this powerful move:

Double down combos:

> The casino have a 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 cards = 10 or 11

> The dealer card is 3, 4 , or 6 and you hold an Ace and numbered card

Single bet combos:

>The casinos face-up card is a 10 or a face